How short women look taller?

For short women you can look taller with some fashion intelligence and when choosing the correct manner of garments, Maxi dresses can makes you look taller and Long skirt as well will give a taller look if it is in a straight line and slender cut. When selecting a bag to match with the dress choose some kind of little cross body bags, which will look superior on you and will give you taller look, and as well with the ornaments select the taller forms of sequences.  For the dress or the skirts choose upright bands over parallel. Horizontal hoops will broaden and abridge the body. Perpendicular stripes will help to lengthen the body. Lift the waist row, if you are wearing a dress with cardigan like this gray dress in the photo or if you are wearing a blouse with pants, raising the waist line gives sense of longer lower portion of your body, making you look taller. Wear straight pant that almost cover your shoes. This will give an impression that you have long legs. Do not use wide belt all you have to do is to use a slim belt that fits well both the lower and upper part of your body. Do not forget to match your clothing with a cute pair of high heels. If wanting to look taller and slimmer. Enjoy the tips and the collection.


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