Nagham el Naggar wedding gowns

Nagham el nagger is a skilled and brilliant fashion designer with an exceptional apparition. Her collections are urbane and gorgeous mixing many superior aspects in agreement tone. Nagham el nagger believed that veil or hijab does not limit the charm and elegance of a woman, she gave a special interest to designing for veiled woman. Nagham el nagger elegant evening dresses can be worn in semi ceremonial and even in familiar occasions. For instance woman can wear them in engagement event, marriage ceremony and other events. The gaze of the dress will have an awesome impression if its upper body design is embellished. Make sure the waist is splendid. Her location Address:   Behind Hasbou Hospital, Nasr  city,Cairo, Egypt

Telephone: + 20 22717582

Cell phone: + 20 0123513507      + 20 0101930999

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