Ramadan Hijab fashion by Rahaf & kenzy

Rahaf & Kenzy the popular hijab fashion store presents a very stylish collection and it’s called Ramadan collection it’s especially for Ramadan. In this collection the fashion designer Naima Kamel tried to show us the entire eastern clothing character in the Collection of Ramadan. This month of Ramadan has some famous details in fabrics and some ideas focused on the Islamic designs that connected with each other. In addition to the Islamic art writing in heritage intrinsic of Islam. In this collection we find that there is no exaggeration in the use of accessories and that’s because the month of Ramadan changes women outfit to more modest style. The collection characterized by the oriental style that many Arab girls love it. Muslim woman garments varies from country to anther, in up to date cities one can notice woman not putting a veil on their heads but one be capable of not see them in short clothing  also.  Long times ago the Muslim women are not permitted up to that time to do stylish fashion trends but at the present time Muslim women move toward with its possess designs of trend and creating the high-quality confront in the direction of the further trend designer but they are still in the front of matter confront to their associate trend designer. Enjoy the fashionable  collection.



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