Fall hijab fashion by scarfa

Scarfa combine international fashion with Arabian fashion. This fashion collection characterized by the simplicity with a touch of elegancy. The main colors in this collection are creamy white, brown and green with its degrees. Scarfa designs are exceptional filled with charm and they are so pleasing to the eye. Scarfa considers her work as so much like her only passion, She also thinks that how you dressed and how you look is the shortest message to tell everyone how you really look from inside. The designer Betty hamouda regarding to the relaxed clothes more because they are more suitable for every day life and they are brightness and flexible. The clutches is so perfect in this collection because they match with the outfit as well. Scarves and veils are also worn by non-Muslim ladies too; Muslim lady find superior assortment of prints and shades and for that reason they love using them as Hijab. As Muslim lady are necessary to wrap their bodies from up to down, maxi skirts and maxi dresses are exists for that reason, and they are so accepted and admired between Muslim ladies. These trendy outfits expand by all the means to make the veiled woman satisfied all over the world. As talked about before, one of the main conditions of covering up in front of non-relatives men is that Muslim veiled women wear moderately and not expose their bodies in the naked or by trying taut attire that exposes body outlines and curves. Enjoy the collection.

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