Fall hijab collection by R&K

What is Islamic fashion garments? For a Muslim and in particular the Islamic lady it is able to be her individuality as some category of Islamic woman. For an Islamic female, besides the head wrapping regularly identified as hijab, it is a sort for the importance’s she believes in. Elegance does not mean exaggeration in design but it’s mean that women lose their femininity and modesty. In this collection we see the fashion designer Naima kamel presented in baggy pants, long vest, long tunics and dresses and what distinguish the collection are the original open-minded ideas in design. Sometime women though that if she wear hijab she will not be trendy and fashionable, but on the contrary, women should know how to access the elegance with modestly, which depends on attractive colors and designs. Women clothing is presenting women personally tastes in fashion. Every woman should know how to dress right in attempts to consist elegance with modesty and simplicity. The fashion designer Naima wanted to put forward a new collection of fashion veiled designs in spring. Islamic equipment has until the end of time assorted at the moment and in previous eras depending on the country district and in calculation by the traditions of the country itself. Enjoy the collection.


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