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M.SOU fashion wear is a fashion store presenting the latest fashion trends in Egypt. M.sou collects the fine quality of the material and creates new fashionable designs. M.SOU constantly confirms to be one of Egyptian’s most active and well admiration traders of women’s wear. The collection showing us the newest women’s designs just created for women who have a great experience in style clothing. The collection holds many types of hijab wear from informal to a spot of usual technique just to please all sorts of women. Modesty is the main thing that has been in familiar with the Muslim trend, despite of what area or the way of life. Muslim ladies, like all other ladies, they akin to to wear smartly and be modish at the same time, but until now continue in their assessments of modesty. Muslim women can follow the up-to-the-minute fashions; they just want to be vaguely accustomed to agree with to other imperfect appear. Hijab fashionable stores are accessible; purchasing diffident and covered fashion clothing has developed to be converted to become greatly simple. Hope you like the collection. Their locations

In cairo

City star-city center-Horria mall-Nile mall-city mall

In Alex san Stefano-down town



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