Creative Eye Makeup Ideas

Dare to go bold with your eye makeup! Bright shadow is an attractive look, or look to a less flashy, but still unique look to highlight your best features, try muted shadow with a bright liner. By broadening the colour palette, you can discover attractive new ways to shine and get free of stale and boring makeup ways. Let your imagination run free and try some new looks today! Here are some looks to give you inspiration.

When trying now looks, be brave but yet also look for shades that matches your character and  skin tone.  With regard to eye makeup, don’t forget the mascara, which livens up your entire appearance. If you feel bold, try a colored mascara for even more fun.  don’t forget to also start with a good foundation. Smooth skin is the perfect canvas for your bold new look.

don’t forget to add lipstick. A bold eye often looks best with a more neutral lip. But recently many looks have been paring the dramatic eye with a bold lip as well. If you go that far, go very easy on the blush or leave it out altogether, as too much color can make you look like a clown.










Are you feeling inspired?

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