R & K ( Rahaf & Kenzy ) Colorful Designs

In this selection of R&K (Rahaf and Kenzy) designs, there are many colorful stylish outfits for Muslim and middle eastern fashion. The vibrant colours and fashion will draw women’s interest, while the simplicity of style makes the items very wearable for their target audience. The line includes a nice election of lengthy dresses that pair well with boots for an elegant as well as smooth design and with matching hijab scarves.

The attire in the R&K line is less conventional, with the designers seeking to develop distinctive looks and ideas for  veiled girls.  Within he collection are long tunics along with varied length items designs to create a  total look in clothing  that is modest and trendy at the same time.

Obviously stylish clothing  such as this demands a few bright add-ons!  The embellishments give a fantastic final touch towards the final picture. For accessorizing, don’t exaggerate and instead pick a few statement pieces.  The photos can provide some ideas.  W love this particular colored selection!  The R&K shop is located in the red sea.

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