Stop (female stuff) hijab collection

In this selection of Stop Female Stuff, we see stunning and elegant styles while, and at the same time, they are all brand new designs.  Included are a new poncho, along with overlapping colours, providing the opportunity for a lot of variety in how it is styled. There is something here to suit just about all tastes.


The actual poncho  functions well for veiled ladies because it’s is a wide as it is long, so it covers the upper a part of a woman’s physique, which suits many veiled women. Stop Female Stuff also has brand new long tunics for ladies in different selections, with different measurements to suit just about all tastes. You can wear these many ways, including with either denim jeans or trousers.

We also observe in this selection that many women are wearing tall footwear with tunics. This is current trend that is becoming quite popular, and it gives a feeling of a bohemian design that is popular right now in many different countries.


Stop Shop is a hijab style store located in Egypt.

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