Marwa El Boghdady Fashion Hijab Collection

Marwa El Boghdady, a well known veil designer, switched recently to a fashion style career.  The move was logical, given that Boghdady was already in a position to achieve success from the previous popular women’s veil lines that ere created with impressive ability and elegance.

Within this collection, Marwa El Boghdady created diverse designs  and was able to particularly garner the attention of women in Egypt.  The collection focuses on the colours in a very appealing and stylish method and which suit the prevailing preferences in the Arab-speaking world. You can discover these revolutionary designs in the actual Shawl along with long scarf colors which will please a majority of women.


The shawls and hijab can be worn casually with denim jeans or traditional trousers. Also seen are dresses that are wearable and wide enough to provide a variety of looks, yet remain modest.  Tall boots and footwear are particularly popular with this look and could be worn along with tall footwear.  Stylish jackets add an air of elegance and are essential for all ladies in the winter months. Coats tend to be stylish and trendy, with colours that are very ideal for winter.


Marwa El Boghdady is an innovative fashion designer who has provided a stylish collection for 2013.  The line offers stylish and unique clothing matching the most recent fashion trends. Love this particular collection!


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