Veil Hijab by Riham Farouk

The Veil collection from Riham Farouk is very distinctive and trendy. Riham, the actual designer, believes that when ladies are wearing hijab clothes they should  be modest while also keeping elegant and trendy. In line with this thinking,  Riham Farouk created a veiled style clothing line for veiled women.


Riham Farouk’s designs are very creative. By following her education and doing research, in combination with traveling overseas, she had the opportunity to expore new ways to innovate and create looks for many different types of veiled Muslim women.


Riham created stunning youth colours and designs with and beautiful stylish models. She has seen great success as well as excellence in her designs. When any kind of women observes Riham Farouk models she’ll find conventional abayas changed into completely new and different styles meeting all women’s age ranges with colours that make women feel lively and youthful.  The trouser designs are such thats women may tuck them inside of their boots for trendy chic and stylish appearance. The collection is offered in beautiful winter colours with beautiful fine details. See the beautiful selection in The red sea and Alexandria




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