Hijab Fashion Trends

The women’s hijab, while typically worn for religious purposes, can also make a fashion statement, with designers introducing new glamorous styles. While the islamic hijab is an integral part of the religion and culture to preserve modesty, it also presents a way to reflect on the newest trends, and women of all cultures can embrace the look.

Hijab fashion

Even in  non-islamic countries or countries in which women are moving away from wearing the hijab for cultural or religious reasons, it remains popular and trendy, especially among young women. Colorful scarves and accessories have become popular with the look changing to meet the seasons.

Hijab Fashion Trends

For a trendy hijab look, the scarf can be matched with makeup and accessories, and patterns can be worn to match the occasion, whether it is formal or informal. The hijab can pair well with casual jeans or with formal wear. The look allows the wearer to present a modest appearance, yet also project beauty and grace.

Hijab Fashion 2013

The latest hijab designs come in numerous prints and fabrics and the scarf can be pinned up with decorative clips and accessories.  You can find the scarves in various forms and shapes such as triangular, or square. Adding matching, decorative jewelry in another current hijab trend.

How to Wear a Hijab

When choosing a hijab, consider your face shape.  For example, the hijab should fall naturally on an the oval face, but it should cover more area on a square face for a slimming effect. lighter and heavier fabrics will each give a different look.

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