Thrift Store Fashion, The Four Best Items To Buy

When money is scarce, a fun place to shop for fashion is at a thrift store. Many individuals routinely clean out closets to move long distances or to make room for new clothing. The owners of thrift stores make sure the used clothing is clean and in wearable condition. Be prepared to try on clothing in a fitting room because garments often do not have size tags.

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Some items are better to look for than others when thrift store fashion shopping. Here are four of them.

Special Event Clothing

Gorgeous almost new prom dresses, evening gowns, dress shoes and fancy handbags are routinely available at low prices from thrift stores Often the clothing has only been worn once. Plan weeks and months ahead of the special event by frequently visiting all the thrift stores nearby. Remember that a prom dress or evening gown can easily be altered to fit better too.

Type Two: Maternity Garments

Pregnancy only lasts nine months, and women need maternity clothes for only a short amount of time. Save money with maternity tops, pants, dresses and other garments from a thrift store. There are thrift stores that specialize in clothing for pregnant women. Because maternity clothing is worn for only a few months, many garments will still be in fashion and will look brand new.

Trendy Clothing Styles

Having the latest fashion trend in jeans, shirts and other garments is fun. However, the new trend garments in retail stores are expensive. Most new trends are of clothing that has been popular in the past. Instead of paying full retail prices, visit a thrift store to find the same trend in a vintage or retro format. This is a fantastic way to stay fashionable without spending loads of cash.

Clothing for Children

Children have growth spurts that require larger clothing sizes frequently. Many thrift stores understand this, and sell used garments in almost new condition. Parents should first check local thrift stores for school uniform separates such as shirts, pants, sweaters and skirts. While shopping for uniforms also look for barely worn jeans, tops, dresses, winter coats and other clothing items. There will be a wide variety of sizes available including infants, toddlers, children and teenage sizes.

Thrift store fashion shopping can be fun and can be a great way to save!

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