2013 Spring Beauty Trends

Spring Beauty Trends

Spring beauty trends match the season. Brightly colored flowers blossom for the first time. Warm air melts the harsh snow of winter. Adorable little critters are instantly twitterpated at the sight of a beautiful female. Spring is the time to celebrate color, softness and femininity. Spring to new life with some of these eye, lip, hair and nail beauty trends for 2013.

Dramatic Eyes

dramatic eyeshadow


The eyes have it this spring. Bright and bold is the way to go. Neon eyeshadow, especially pink and blue hues, is popping up on runways everywhere. Smoky, black eyeliner should not be used sparingly. A healthy dose of dark kohl under the eyes is a particularly dramatic touch.

Speaking of dramatic, thick eyebrows are all the rage. Kiss eyebrow waxes goodbye, as bold, natural brows work best. They can, however, be penciled in with a deft touch. The darker, the better. Dark brown or black brows even look awesome when paired with light-colored hair. Have fun, go over the top!

Bold Lips

Bold lipstick

Matte lipsticks are replacing shimmery lip gloss this spring season. Who says smooth, kissable lips have to look shiny? As long as they’re velvet to the touch, they are sure to please. Pick bright colors such as red or pink. For thin lips, stick to lighter, creamier lipsticks.

Slick Hair

sleek hairstyle

Neat, neat, neat is the theme for this spring season. Slick and sleek are the key words to remember. Try middle parts with no fly-away hairs to distract. Go for low ponytails, with the hair expertly smoothed on the top.

There’s still room for boldness, however, as cotton candy colored hair is also the “in” thing. Light pink, baby blue and lavender are popular colors. A trifecta of all three is sure to garner attention.


trendy braid

For nighttime, braids are the thing. The thicker the strands, the better. Braided hair tied in a knot adds a bit of elegance. Braids crowning the head are a popular look as well.

Neutral and Pastel Nails

pink nail polish

Soft, neutral colors and pastels are knocking socks off this season. Forget the bright reds and gothic blacks. Go for pink, tan, brown, neutral or white for a truly feminine look. Or forgo the polish altogether for neat, trimmed well-manicured nails. Try a two-tone manicure, also trendy for spring, with a neutral color and a pastel. A sprinkle or stripe of metallic silver or gold on a clear nail also looks amazing, and very hip.

Spring symbolizes renewal. This spring, take a fresh approach to eyes, lips, hair and nails with these trendy looks for 2013!

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