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Hippie fashion got its start in the 1960s. At that time, hippies dressed in a way they felt expressed their free and easy, yet rebellious, spirit. Their clothing was unique, and some hippies would go so far as to design their own. These “flower children”, as they were called back then, were earth-loving individuals who believed in making love, not war. Since that time, hippie fashion has made a comeback, so if you would like to dress like a hippie, let the following tips serve as your guide.

hippie fashion

Dresses, Skirts, and Pants

Dresses and skirts from the hippie era were often made of light, crinkly material that extended down to the ankles. Skirts were full and free flowing. Prints were often floral. Hippie dresses and skirts gave a gypsy look. Women and men commonly wore bell-bottom pants that flared out from the knee down, and bell-bottoms with stripes in bold colors and patch pockets were easy to find.

Tops and Vests

Colorful and loose-fitting dashiki shirts were popular with men and women. These tops had bell sleeves and a vertical slit that extended from the neckline. Tunic style tops were also worn by both genders. Women frequently wore peasant blouses that were often made of sheer fabric and embellished with embroidery. Hippies wore handmade tie-dyed shirts, too. These colorful T-shirts were less formal, but no less popular than the other styles mentioned. Vests of different styles were worn, including fringed vests.


Moccasins were often the hippie’s choice of footwear. Sandals were worn too. Thick boots were also popular. Barefoot was also all the rage.


Since hippies desired to express how much they were in favor of peace, you would often find peace symbol jewelry hanging from their necks, ears, and ankles. Peace symbol purses were also popular, as were colorful tote bags of a patch quilt design. Hippies would also wear a headband across their forehead. Women would sometime wear flowers in their hair.

Hair and Makeup

Like the hippie’s free-spirited nature, hair was unrestrained. Tresses were long on men and women. Makeup was rarely worn.

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