Silk’n Flash and Go Review

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Silk’n has long been one of the leaders in home laser hair removal, first with the Silk’n Sens Epil, and now with the Silk’n Flash and Go.  The Flash and Go is a more portable laser device that, unlike many lasers, can also be used on the face. It’s primary competitor is the Tria Beauty laser hair removal system. That too is a quality system, but it cannot be used on facial hair.

Silk'n Flash and Go Review

Quick Overall Impression

The Flash and Go is much cheaper than salon laser treatment, it is effective, and it is easy to use. If you are a good candidate for laser hair removal with light skin and dark hair, you can expect permanent results in 6-9 months of regular us.

Silkn Flash and Go

Full Flash and Go Review

Laser hair removal isn’t for everyone. Because the laser targets pigment ,it works best on those with light skin and dark hair. The laser then can best attack the hair follicle, leading to permanent hair removal. Those with light skin and light hair can still see results, but they may not be complete and they may take longer. Those with dark skin are unfortunately out of luck. Because the laser focuses on pigment, if you have dark skin it isn’t safe to do laser hair removal, as it could cause burns.  You also should not use the laser over tattooed areas.

Don’t know if you are too dark to use the device? Don’t worry, it comes with a sensor that will prevent it from operating if your skin is too dark for it to be used safely. This is a safety feature present in all of the home laser hair removal devices.

Ease of Operation: The Flash and Go is easy to operate and the process is painless. A leg takes about 15-20 minutes of time to cover. Underarms or facial areas go much quicker. The only sensation noticed is a slight heating. It is a comfortable process. The directions for use are easy to understand. You can open the box and get started pretty quickly and easily with the device.

Effectiveness: Expect to perform weekly sessions for several months before you see results. Patience really is the key with laser hair removal. I saw thinning of the hair after about 6 weeks, but did not see full removal until about 6-8 months. However, once you obtain full hair removal, it is indeed permanent.

Value: The cost of salon or spa laser hair removal is often over $50 per session and nearly as many sessions are needed to see results as are required with the home devices. So, given the $299 price tag of the Flash & Go, the saving are significant. The ability to do the treatments in the privacy of your home adds another level of value as well.

Guarantees: All Silk’n products have money back guarantees, so do the Tria products.

Competing Products: Competitors of the Flash & Go to consider are the Silk’n Sens Epil, from the same company. This has a larger light, for quicker removal, but it cannot be used on facial hair. Also worthy of consideration is the Tria, which is my personal favorite for use on the legs, but it too cannot be used on facial hair. Also worth consideration is the Remington Light Pro, and IPL laser hair removal device that has been getting good reviews.

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