The Three Best Slimming and Shaping Swimsuits

Bathing suit shopping can be a daunting task for women of all shapes and sizes. Perceived flaws and body issues are instantly on display in a swimsuit. Fortunately, there are many swimsuit and bathing suit styles that are universally flattering on virtually any woman. These miracle suits flatter a woman’s body and most feminine parts, while simultaneously hiding perceived flaws. Women can instantly feel confident and beautiful in the right swimsuit style.

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The String Bikini

Believe it or not, string bikinis are often one of the most flattering bathing suit styles for most women. Those with tummy bulges may not feel comfortable in a string bikini, but any woman with a small or large bust, wide hips or large thighs may appreciate the customization and fit of a string bikini. Women with larger busts can loosen the back strings and tighten the neck strings for an instant lift at the bust.

Similarly, women with smaller breasts can tighten the back straps and neck straps to create the illusion of a larger or more taut bust. Full coverage bathing suit bottoms can often exaggerate large thighs or hips. A string bikini can be tied more loosely, eliminating unsightly bulges from ill-fitting bottoms. Those with tummy issues can still benefit from a string bikini. String tankinis offer an extra flap of fabric, or coverage, over the tummy area. String tankinis still offer adjustable straps on both the top and bottom. These suits are also great options for women with weight fluctuations, as the fit can be customized in an instant by tightening or loosening the straps. Department stores offer string bikinins and tankinis in a variety of colors and sizes. Women can experiment with the fit and look of the many different designers that offer string swimsuits for sale at department stores.


A surplice one-piece swimsuit is also a universally flattering bathing suit option for most women. A surplice swimsuit usually features diagonal waist detail in the form of pintucks, ruffles, pleats or sashes that draw attention to a woman’s waist. Typically, this is one of the smallest parts on a woman’s body. The diagonal detail draws attention to the small waistline and brings the eye away from perceived body flaws. Many one-piece surplice suits also offer the added benefit of hidden shapewear and underwire bras built into the suit. These added design details can instantly lift, tuck and separate, giving the illusion of a slimmer figure in seconds. Swimsuit specialty stores are great places to get individualized attention from a fit expert and find the perfect shapewear surplice suit.


A bold patterned swimsuit is another flattering choice for most women. Large floral prints, classic houndstooth patterns, and bold zig-zag patterns can instantly confuse the eye and bring attention to a woman’s elongated neck, small waist or curvy bust. A large stomach or full thighs are also much less noticeable in a patterned swimsuit. Some of the largest availability and options for patterned swimsuits can be found online. Women can try on swimsuits in the comfort and convenience of their own home and keep the suits that flatter their figure the most. Most online retailers have a very lenient return policy for swimwear, and some stores even offer free round-trip shipping, making the purchase completely risk free. Shopping for swimsuits does not have to be a painful or embarrassing experience. Women simply need to look for suits that offer customizable details, classic fits and print, and quality materials and workmanship to look beautiful on the beach.

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