Why You Should Start A Vintage Clothing Collection

Are you considering starting a vintage collection? Do you want to collect some vintage pieces that you can mix into your current wardrobe? Shopping vintage fashion is not only fun, but it is like going on a treasure hunt each time you venture out.

In just about every country, in every city, you can find wonderful vintage clothing at thrift stores, and vintage shops. You will find clothing from past eras from the 40’s to the 80’s. There is such a wide variety of men’s and women’s clothing that tells a story of a past era. If you are just starting out, it is best to purchase a few pieces and work them into your wardrobe. Below is an example of mixing a vintage hat with more recent casual clothing (although still “vintage from the 80’s and 90’s)

Vintage fashion

Vintage Fashion Trends

Reasons to start a vintage wardrobe include:

*It is trendy. Yes the words vintage and trend can go together! Shopping for vintage clothing is more popular than ever.

*Price: Because vintage clothing has been previously used, the prices are lower and the deals are better than brand new clothing. It is an investment that will continue to rise in value. It is almost like purchasing a couture garment at a significantly lower price.

*History: Every vintage piece tells a story of whatever era it is from. It is fun to imagine who had previously owned these clothes and where they were worn.

*Quality: Because it is from a prior era, the quality and detail that past manufacturers put into each item is considered to be of better quality. *Individuality: When you find your treasures, you will not see anyone else wearing exactly what you have purchased. Your fashion look will be your own!

*Selection: Classic jeans, cardigans, hats, brooches, shoes, belts, dresses, and blouses are all treasures you will find at vintage outlets. Vintage jackets and scarves are often particularly striking.

Vintage Jacket

The best thing about vintage clothing is that, if you select the right pieces, they will never go out of style. The quality of clothing from past eras is so much better that anything you can find in retail stores today. In many cases, the items are one of a kind. Vintage clothing stores are a good place to start building your collection. Meanwhile, estate sales are excellent places to find classic treasures at bargain prices. Ebay is another great place to find bargain finds.

Do your research before you shop so you will recognize what is a valuable find. Never be afraid to take a chance on purchasing an unusual item. It may prove to be a very valuable find for your vintage fashion collection! Shop for Vintage Fashion on eBay

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