Three Ways To Use Pigments

Pigments are highly concentrated loose powders that come in a variety of colors from cool matte to bright girly shimmers. Although professionals love pigments, some makeup lovers get intimidated by pigments because they seem hard to work with. This is so not the case! They make excellent eye shadow or blush as long as an eye primer or foundation is present.

MAC Pigments

Here are a few ways to wear pigment

(1) On The Eyes

Fyrrinae pigments

This is the most obvious use of pigments. To avoid fall out, pat the pigment on or apply it wet (often referred to as foiling). Also use a good eye primer, especially if you are using something with a lot of shimmer or glitter.  Fyrinnae  Pixi epoxy is especially good for making glitter stay put. Remember that a little pigment goes a long way. You can see a previous Fyrinnae review on our sister site here.

(2) Make Your Own Nail Polish Shade

Bright pigments

Pigments mixed with clear nail polish produce new colors of nail polish never seen before. The only ingredients needed are a bit of clear nail polish and a few dashes of pigment. Combine them in a small plastic bowl or cup. When mixed together, they create a unique color that can’t be found anywhere else!

(3) Make a New Lip Gloss

Red Lips

Pigments can also be mixed with lip gloss. A drop of clear lip gloss applied to the hand with a drop of pigment powder mixed together produces a tint of color. For a bit more drama, pigments can be mixed with clear mascara. The same method as the nail polish or lip gloss can be used to combine the mascara and pigment. When applied to the lash, a playful pop of color brings out the eyes. Be sure to check with the manufacturer to be sure that the pigment is lip safe. Most indie sellers of pigments will have this information on their site or will tell you if you inquire.

Pigments are awesome for a cheaper alternative to store-bought eye shadow, blush, nail polish, lip gloss or mascara. Not only does using pigments save money, it creates awesome colors that are one-of-a-kind. For ladies looking to stand out amongst the crowd, a tiny bit of matte or shimmery pigment can go a long way!

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