St. Ives Mineral Therapy Body Wash

Sometimes, having skin break outs and black head just means that you are not taking care of your skin as well as you should. Getting the right body wash however, can work to transform your life in ways you never imagined. The following read provides an unbiased yet informative review on St. Ives Mineral therapy body wash. Read on for the full details.

st ives mineral wash

St. Ives Mineral Therapy Body Wash combines various minerals such as potassium and calcium that enhance healthy cell generation resulting to healthier and fairer skin. Unlike other body wash products that are packed with toxic chemicals which affects your skin, this particular body wash contains natural ingredients such as chamomile, cocoa butter and oatmeal which are all good for your skin.

Features of St. Ives Mineral Therapy Body Wash
Comes in a light weight container that is easy to hold and storeHas a lightly gritty texture that is not too coarse on the skin but works well enough to exfoliate your skinContains essential minerals as Potassium and CalciumHas a great number of natural ingredients including green tea and jojoba making it perfect for your skin

Pros: The natural ingredients combined with minerals are guaranteed to leave you feeling energized and refreshed.Works quite well to clear up break outs and acne scarsContains natural moisturizing ingredients to keep you skin soft and supple through out the daySuitable for all types of skinWonderful light scent that will not irritate you

Cons: There have been several complaints about this product not being easily available in the stores, you might want to try ordering online.This mineral therapy bath does not contain enough brightening agents

And there you have it. If you are looking for a mineral therapy bath that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, fresh and replenished, St. Ives Mineral Therapy Bath is definitely what you should be ordering right now.

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