5 Women Fashion Trends That Will Be Leading 2014

With January finally over, fashion houses are bustling with ideas to produce new trends. With new fashion collections out in the market already, fashion experts have already identified the leading trends for the year. To ensure that you’re ready to face the new year, here are top 5 fashion trends for 2014.

#1) The Color Palette is Pastel This Year

One thing that is completely clear about this year’s fashion is the color palette that would dominate the runways: pastels. Powder pinks, soft lavenders, lemons sherbets; all of these along with other pastels have been the favorite of top designers for their new year collections. So, if you are shopping for 2014, pick up as many pastel clothes as much as possible.

pastels for 2014

From: Nordstrom

#2) Prints are the New Thing

While plain colors are powerful, they are no more the chic in 2014. With retailers embracing a newer generation of fashion, bold and beautiful prints are a complete hit for this year. The most popular of these prints is going to be snakeskin designs in bold colors. If you don’t already have one of these designs in your wardrobe, it’s time to pick some nice printed clothes to get you through this year in style.

print dress

From: Neiman Marcus

#3) Prepare for the World Cup

With the World Cup taking place year, the fashion trend around the time of the event will take a shift towards it. Tees and sweatshirts with World Cup logos and souvenirs will become the talk of the town this year. Carnivals and sports will remain a common fashion theme this year, beginning a short time before the event kicks off and continuing long after the matches.

#4) Movie Magic Will Be Added to Your Wardrobe

If you take a look at the movie lineups for this year, you will see that the theme for this year in Hollywood is fantasy. With movies like Captain America, Planet of the Apes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and Godzilla coming out one after another, the year will be dictated by superheroes and fantasy, and so would fashion trends. Clothes and accessories and women’s print designs will be heavily inspired by such movies this year.

#5) Step Back into the 90’s

If you love the way people dressed in 90’s, you are sure going to be very happy this year as the era is coming back in fashion in 2014. There will be a lot of prints and textures as well as simple cuts and designs that give you a blast from the past. Loose trousers, metallic, loose cuts and other styles from the 90s will be available this year.

90s fashion

From: Neiman Marcus

So, when you go out shopping for the coming year this time, make sure you pick your clothes according to these trends to remain cool, chic and stylish!

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