Facial Hair Removal for Women

We all have them, don’t like them and try our best to remove them. Facial hairs! The most common areas for facial hair are the chin, above the top lip and both sides of the face; near the jawline. Removing these are a top priority for women as they can be embarrassing and make you feel somewhat uncomfortable. The methods for facial hair removal are numerous; making sure there is something for everyone as we all have different skin. Remember to carry out a skin patch test first.


This is a method used by many women who are unaware of the consequences. Okay so it is easy and only requires you to pull the razor across one/two times and that’s it. However, it is not well and good after this as when the hairs grow back; they appear much darker and thicker. This method is a definite no and should be avoided at all costs.

facial hair removal for women with shaving


This method is much effective, but really painful and time-consuming. Using tweezing as a method of facial hair removal makes hair grow back much later as they are plucked out from their roots. The pain you feel varies from person to person and some may not even notice anything, whereas for others it can be a very painful procedure. If you’re quick to feel pain and have large areas of facial hair, then this method is not for you.

facial hair removal for women tweezing


Hair removal creams are another method for hair removal and tend to last from three to five days. The effect is not long lasting; however, this method is the least painful and most cost effective for when it comes to facial hair removal methods. Another minus point is the hair grows back darker than before, which makes it seem more visible.


Using this method requires strips with wax on being stuck to the area you wish to remove hair from and being pulled off in the opposite direction. This hurts whilst you pull as it removes hair from its roots, which you see once you’ve done the pulling. This method is effective and can last from four to five weeks. It hurts for a couple of seconds and depending on your skin; can cause a skin rash. However, using Nad’s Facial Wax Strips is recommending for sensitive skin.

waxing facial hair for women with nads


This method requires the use of natural ingredients; lemon juice, water and sugar. It is similar to waxing and requires you to form a paste with the ingredients; mixing the three together on the oven and leaving to cool. Once the mixture is dry you apply the paste to your face, stick on a strip of paper of material and pull in the opposite direction. This method is much gentler and less painful to waxing.

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