7 Essential Care Tips to Keep Your Natural Fur Coat Good as New

When properly cared for fur coats can last for generations. It’s not uncommon for grandmothers to pass on their coats to their granddaughters. However, the durability of a genuine fur coat depends a lot on proper maintenance.

Fur coats are susceptible to damage when subjected to heat, moisture, and even excessive dry conditions. This is exactly why fur coats for women come with specifically designed hangers and storage bags. If you didn’t get them or if you inherited your fur coat, then those are the two things you need to invest in right away. To get you started, the following are a few care tips to keep your fur coat looking beautiful for years to come.

Keep it Away from Sunlight

Oxidation is a natural process that affects almost everything under the sun. People get tanned and burned due to sun exposure, that’s oxidation. Fur coats are not immune to oxidative damage. White coats can develop an ugly yellow tinge thanks to excessive sun exposure. Black coats often fade and become brownish. To prevent this you need to keep your coat away from the direct sunlight. Make sure the storage cabinet is dark and away from the window. Refrain from keeping your coat hung outside the cabinet, even if you use it every day.

Avoid Spraying Unrecommended Products to “Clean” Your Coat

There are plenty of chemical-laden spray cleaners that do more damage than good. Unless recommended by the manufacturers, avoid using these spray cleaners and deodorizers. Spraying perfume to mask the odor of an unclean coat is also not recommended. Send your coat to professional fur coat cleaner instead.

Repair Rips Immediately

Small rips and tears are often well hidden under the fur. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Go to the manufacturer and have them repaired as you spot them.

Have Your Fur Coat Cleaned by Professionals

As mentioned earlier, professional cleaners can do a great job of deodorizing a coat and give it a healthy glossy appearance. Most manufacturers also offer cleaning services, so it’s best to contact your coat’s maker first. If they do not offer cleaning services, contact a local cleaner specializing in fur coats. These cleaners have special tumblers and mild dry chemicals to revitalize a coat’s appearance.

Store Your Coat Inside a Breathable Bag

Storing a fur coat inside an airtight plastic bag is not recommended. This mainly because the leather needs proper airflow to remain supple and healthy. Coats stored in plastic bags thus have damaged leather which is more prone to getting ripped or developing flakes.

Do Not Carry a Shoulder Bag When Wearing Fur

Handbags are fine, but shoulder bags are not recommended if you are wearing a fur coat. The strap of the bag resting on the fur can develop bald patches overtime, ruining the look of the coat forever.

Never Ever Use a Hair Dryer or Apply Heat of Any Kind

Hair dryers can damage the delicate fur and cause permanent and irreparable damage. This is why you should always air dry your coat indoors. Ensure there are proper natural airflow and little to no direct sunlight. Under no circumstances should you use a hair dryer to dry your coat.

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